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cooridnate list export

Jun 27, 2014 at 3:33 PM
hey a suggestion for se toolbox,
could you make a function to export a coordinate list ether

via rows and columns in a spreadsheet, or
information might appear as so:
object       x     y     z     name
large ship  156   -45   121    bob
small ship   12     1    30    jane
station     40     65     10   mother base
asteroid     200   56    32
or via a CSV, "comma separated value" txt file.
information might appear as so:
object,x,y,z,beacon name(if present)
would appear in "coordinate export.txt" file like so:
large ship,156,-45,121,beacon name
small ship,12,1,30,beacon name
station,40,65,10,mother base
(ect, ect)
note if the data is one continuous line, its hard to parse into a spread sheet.

I make this suggestion mainly because I would like to create a coordinate map of the server I play on in a spreadsheet. and believe it would be easier to be able to extract/export the data
through se toolbox.