All objects in SEToolbox can be moved, simply by selecting the object you wish to move, and modifying the Position coordinates.

If you have several objects, like a Station and Asteroid, or joined ships (either by MergeBlock, Landing gear), then you will need to select them all individually.
You can select the first item in your collection and then hold down Shift key and select the last item to highlight a block of items/ships.
Or hold down control, and individually click on them.
One you have highlighted all the ships you wish to move as a group, press the "Group Move" button.

In the Group move dialog, you will need to enter the "Offset Position".
The offset is how far to move your group in any specific direction along the X, Y or Z axis. You can enter either + or - numbers.
As you enter the offset, the new position of all object will be displayed for you, so you know exactly where they are all going to be.

The "Single Position", will move all selected object to a single coordinate.
This is useful if you wish to move many floating objects, like Ore to a single point in space.
Do not try to move too many floating object to one point in space, as they will become stuck.

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