As of December 2014, version 01.060 of Space Engineers I am unable support the newest .vx2 asteroid file format (there was an earlier .vx2 which is fine) in SEToolbox.
It has changed too substantially.

SEToolbox cannot read the new files, so it cannot populate them with materials.
Features for editing any asteroids in the new format have been disabled in SEToolbox.
If it is an older version, those features will be enabled automatically.

If you wish to still import and create asteroid fields, we have copies of all the current asteroids in the older file format.
Once they are loaded into Space Engineers it will convert these automatically to the new format, making it impossible for SEToolbox to read from that point.
This process is one way only.

First you must download a copy of the old version of asteroids which SEToolbox can read from here.

Extract the files to a location you won't delete accidently.
All the files will be called "old_ .... .vx2".

SEToolbox has an additional method for adding custom asteroids.
In SEToolbox, go to the menu option "Options", "Settings". And enter in a "Custom Voxel Path".
Add the folder location of where you extracted the asteroids to.

Now whenever you want to either import an asteroid, or create an asteroid field and you wish to add ore, you must choose the asteroids that start with "old_".

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