• Please use the SEToolbox thread on the Keen Software House discussion forums for any questions, bugs, or requests for features.
  • If you have crash dialog during loading of a Saved world, providing a copy of the Saved world will help in tracking down the issue.
    • A file sharing service like DropBox will allow you to quickly upload a copy to the internet, and you can
    • If you wish to keep your Save content private, you can send me a private message directly on the Keen Software House forums here.
  • If you do have a bug, SEToolbox does generate an Application Event Log if you installed it from the .MSI. Providing a copy of the details from this will greatly assist in debugging issues.
    1. Open Event Viewer
    2. Navigate to the "Windows Logs", "Application" (on Windows 7)
    3. The event log should be listed with a Source "SEToolbox.exe" as shown below.
    4. In the "General" tab, click and highlight all text, and copy it. "Ctrl+A" to select all text. "Ctrl+C" to copy.

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