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Generate Asteroid Field Suggestion

Jul 13, 2014 at 7:49 PM
In the current documentation it says:

'Basic steps:
Fly to the centre of where you want a new asteroid field.
Select "Import", "Generate Asteroid Field""

I'm trying to set up a map with different clusters of asteroids spread throughout the map. Something along the lines of this.

To fly to each of these points in game with no reference to my coordinates would be near impossible and very tedious. I'm aware I can change positions of individual asteroids once they are created, but again this is very time consuming. I suggest adding location x y z box with a "use player location" check box if you want to use the old method instead.

I'm using this 3d plotter to plot my map, then taking the x y z values and multiplying them by 1000 to get the correct values for Space Engineers. If I could generate asteroid fields at each point, I could create some great custom multi player maps for our dedicated server.