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Asteroid Import: Multi select and import at one time

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Nov 10, 2014 at 6:05 PM
Edited Nov 13, 2014 at 1:04 PM
This post of for the App Author mostly.
 I have been playing with the game and this tool for some time now. It is awesome and useful but VERY time consuming to make even a small map.

 Here is the info i have so far and what i would like to see added if possible.
SEToolkit random gen:
 You can set the spawn starting point for the field and how far out from that you want it to go. 
example: Spawn point 0,0,0 range 400 - 800. As the author has said the tool can create asteroid fields but it generates a roid that has chicken pox and lags the game like you would not believe.

SEToolkit Import:
 This option allows you to use 3 import options: Stock/File/Sphere, I am only talking about the file import option for this.
 This option does not change the asteroids default look and ore comp unless you tell it to. This will give you the in game asteroids with no pox and no lag out of the normal. Problem is that it you have to do them one at a time and it does not assign a random location to it, always next to the player.

My request to the author of this app:
1.) Please add the option to import more than one asteroid at a time

2.) Please allow an option when using the import function to set random gen locations like you have when doing generate atro field. This is the best and only way for players to generate lots of asteroids outside the games default gen range of 2.5km.
I set the field for 3km - 10km gen over 200 roids. it looks amazing (till you get close to one) and you dont have the renderer overload, because they are so far apart.

3.) Looks like this is already planned. just needs to be implemented
I think this is too much work to do. But, If you have anyway to do this please see if we can get a basic 3d plotter map for placing asteroids. something that just gives you a grid out to 10km and allows the player to move a dot to some point on it representing an asteroid that was generated on the map. this would allow for a visual aid when moving asteroids instead of x,y,z.
Something like this:
3d Plotter
Thank you for the awesome work on this app. I hope to see much more in the future