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Current models in SEToolbox

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Dec 23, 2014 at 12:19 PM
Hello Everyone,

I really hope this information is not already available somewhere and I just missed it.
Anyway, I am playing on a small server with a few friends and I have use SEToolbox to add some asteroids.
I found a problem with one particular model called "chinesebase".
What I did when creating the asteroids in the first place was just add randomly a fair amount of times so I didn't really check the models that were being added.
While playing on the modified map one of our mining ships got "stuck" in an invisibile asteroid, checking the distance and position I verified this is the "chinese base" one.
Since then I removed this particular model and we did not have any more trouble but I am rather worried about the issue and did not dare to add more asteroids (even if I'd really like to).
Is there a list of the models that can be added (with pictures?)?
Where do the models come from in the first placE? I know one can add his own models but honestly that is not something we are very intersted in as of now.

Is there any suggestion on how to create a "safe" asteroid field to prevent this from happening?
Jan 16, 2015 at 10:01 AM
The format of the asteroid files that SE generates have changed recently.
If you have attempted to import one in the new format, it is possible it became corrupted as SEToolbox cannot read the new format.
Unfortunately I do not have a solution for you.

The only known reference for asteroid pictures is here:

All asteroids come from the game, and are not provided by SEToolbox.

You may wish to read the following on a suggested method for adding safe asteroids.