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Add factions window

Topics: Enhancement requests
Jun 21, 2015 at 10:51 PM

Would be really nice to be able to see all factions and members in them with their status (leader, applicant etc.) and when you click on faction it would show all allies and enemies.

With that you could easilly delete empty factions (one man factions without leader that have no allies/enemies) etc. I tried to do that on my server but I just gave up, as my Sandbox.sbc has 8.5MB and has 77.5MB, so you can assume how many factions and other crap its in there...

Would be really nice to have that in. Either it would open both files at same time, or one at a time, does not matter, but would be nice. Maybe to also see list of players so you can delete duplicates and settings?

Pretty please?