There are two methods for copying from one work to another.
  1. Export and Import
  2. Drag-Drop.

Export and Import

"Export" will allow you to export any item, to a file with the .sbc file extension.
Asteroids are exported to their native .vox file format, without position information.

Import "Sandbox Content files" will allow you to import those files again.
By exporting you can create a collection of favourite ships, or stations.
Importing then allows you to bring them into any world, ready for use.

Drag-Drop for export/import.

Drag and drop will allow you to copy anything (there is a memory limit, which will prevent large ships) from one world to another. You simply have to open SEToolbox twice!
All items copied to another world will maintain their original position.
  • Copy individual ships.
  • Copy groups of ships.
  • Copy stations along with Asteroids.
  • Copy ships mounted to other ships with Motor/Rotor.
  • Copy ships attached by magnetic landing gear.
  • Removes any pilots.

Selecting items

To copy a group of objects, you can select a group by;
Select the first item in a block, press and hold down Shift, then select the last item.
Or hold down Control, and individually click each item.
Once you have selected a group to copy, you then simply click down on one of the items, and drag it across to the other SEToolbox, and release.


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