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The Features of SEToolbox can be broadly broken down into 3 categories.
Repair, Importing, and Editing.

Editing content:

  • General:
    • Edit Positions of everything.
    • Delete multiple items, including asteroids and floating debris. (Sort by distance. Select all of them in a group. Press 'delete' on keyboard).
    • Drag-n-Drop to copy ships from one 'world' to another, to keep linked ships together.
    • Export multiple items, ships/stations to .sbc file.
    • Export Asteroids to .vox file.
    • Import multiple ships/stations from multiple .sbc files (Multiple required for maintaining grouped ships).
    • Import asteroids .vox files
  • Player:
    • Change your player suit color!
    • Switch on/off player jetpack/dampeners.
    • Reset player velocity
  • Ships/Stations:
    • Convert between Large Ship and Station.
    • Convert between light/heavy armour.
    • Convert between angled/round armour.
    • Convert between the built framework blocks and incomplete framework to give that wireframe look.
    • Export ship to .sbc file. (During export any Pilots and AutoPilots are automatically removed, and the SteamId is reset on the Medical Bay)
    • Repair all damage.
    • Reset ship velocity and spin to zero.
    • Reverse ship velocity and spin.
    • Rejoin a ship broken in two parts.
    • Mirror any ship/station. See the Mirroring and Symmetry guide.


Importing of Images (.jpg, .png, etc) into 2D Armour slabs.
  • Imports an image into a flat coloured armour block is supported. See the below links for examples.
  • Please try to stick to small images, as large ones (> 400x200) take ages to load in Space Engineers.
  • I'm considering some options for automatically breaking up images into smaller segments.

Importing 3D models:
  • Imports the following formats (.3ds, .lwo, .obj, .objx, .stl, .off) into ship/station structures. See the below links for examples.
  • No issues with scaling a model up or down (using the HelixToolkit library).
  • Scaling a model too large may be too big for you to load in Space Engineers anyhow.

Importing Asteroids:
  • Import stock asteroids from Space Engineers folder. Change the base material to any ore!
  • Import asteroids directly from other save worlds (.vox files).
  • Import asteroids directly from downloaded Steam Workshop (.vox files).
  • Import asteroids from KeenSH's previous game title Miner Wars 2081 (.vox files).
  • Import your own from a 3D model (any 3D model from Blender or 3DS Max), and rescale it during import. (Note, as of 01.014.010, Space Engineers may enforce non-rare stone ore on the outside of the asteroid, or replace all rare ore with non-rare ore. This mainly occurs on smaller asteroids.)
  • Generate an entire random asteroid field.

Save Game Repair

This will open your save game and look at common issues some players have had with the games, and attempt to repair them. The following are the only issues currently detected, and are are automatically fixed when found.
  • Finds 'Character' player when a duplicated one exists in cockpit.
  • Creates new 'Character' if one is not found.
  • Replaces 'Ladder' with 'Passage' component. (KeenSH removed the Ladder cube in an earlier release, and if a world still has a Ladder in it, it mysteriously turns into a turret and removes some of the nearby cubes as a result.)

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