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This documentation is still a work in progress

The following file types are supported:
  • .3ds
  • .lwo
  • .obj
  • .objx
  • .stl
  • .off

Manual entry of a fixed size is indicated in Red.
By changing "Max Length", all 3 dimensions (Height, Width, Depth) are scaled up together. Please note in the image, that all 3 dimensions in 'New Size', have scaled up simultaneously from 'Original Size'.


If you need to adjust the size of the model when importing, either change the "Multiply".
0.5 = 50% = Smaller
1 = 100% = No change
2.5 = 250% = Bigger
5 = 500% = Much bigger

Import size limits

The 2Gb memory limit on Ships is 2x1024x1024x1024. Which allows a cube space of 1290x1290x1290.
Or; The Sum of the Height, Width, and Depth must be less than 2,147,483,648.
Previously there was a limitation in the program, which has since been removed.
Currently there is no hard limitation has been measured, but large sized import does require a reasonable amount of available system memory.

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